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The village of Es Mercadal is located in the center of the island, at the foot of the mountain of El Toro, which at 357 meters high, is the highest mountain in the island. At its peak, the chapel , is a spiritual reference for all residents of the island. The excursion to Monte Toro is one of the most common for the tourists who visit the island. From the highest part of the mountain, you can see an excellent overview of all Menorca.

From this hotel you will live in Menorca the rural Menorca dedicated to agriculture and livestock, mainly sheep and cows, located in country houses, called "llocs" where the famous minorcan cheese is made and the typical minorcan sausage, and other handicrafts and, of course, the typical Minorcan sandals.

Just 10 miles from the hotel you can enjoy the northern beaches of the island and the village of Fornells, a genuine fishing village in one of the natural bays of the Mediterranean sea , inside the natural environment more protected from the island. Fornells is a traditional harbor which has always offered shelter to sailors sailing in the western Mediterranean sea, and welcomes all the tourists who visit the island as a touristic spot. Fornells has become a reference thanks to his fabulous cuisine, and especially his famous lobster soup.

At the reception, you will be informed of all the activities which you can be enjoyed on the island: hiking, biking, horse excursions, sailing excursions, windsurfing, diving, sailing, jet ski, etc. An unforgettable holidays in Menorca that you will never forget: The sunsets in Fornells, walking through its streets and by its natural bay between Mediterranean tastes and smells... It will be difficult not to fall into the temptation to try one of the most famous gastronomic delights of Menorca, the lobster soup, which has become an obligatory stop for seafood lovers.